Nobody Is Flawless


I dont want to be flawless trying to be whats on TV

I want to be flawless for just being me

I may not have the nicest or newest shoes

But one day, my success will be on the news

You think you're flawless because your drive your moms Benz  around

Then you strut around trying to bring everyone down

I'll be flawless showing my imperfections

Why hide your true beauty, using make up for corrections

Everybody wants to be just like Beyonce or Ri Ri

You should focus on yourself, be the true person you know you can be

Truth is, nobody is flawless

That's why we were made, not to be flawless, not to be ordinary

Just to be human, make mistakes, and then move on




Another word for perfect

But who really is perfect anyways?




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