In a world where a dull mind is a virtue,

There live very few men who

Through learned lenses see

The world as it was meant to be seen.

A world that is not neat and clean,

But nevertheless a place of endless beauty.

I am one of those few,

Those marvelous men who,

With eccentric sight, see the light

Fading from a world that deserves to be bright.

That’s right, I said it!

I’m unique, I’m smart, I’m different

In a world that would see me low and bent

And tame.

They want me to forget my name.

To forget I’m human and say I’m stupid, sane, and same.

No way! Not today, not any day.

While you in your castles try and make me go away, everyday,

I will not back down, you will hear what I have to say!

I say I do not accept this world of safety.

I say I’d rather live in liberty, that you do not define nobility.

I raise myself so that I may help raise others,

While you stand tall and cut down your brothers.

I do not walk in the light, I run,

While you all look down to worship the sun.

I have no fear, I’ll stare down a giant,

While you shake and shiver at an ant who isn’t compliant.

Oh, if only you and your vassals could see,

The world as it was meant to be.

Then maybe like me,

You could live life in light and liberty.


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