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I realized I wasn’t a kid anymore When I started to long for the nap time I’d been given in kindergarten. How I squandered those precious hours of quiet Laying awake, convinced that I was not a child.  
Dear Seniors,  Sometimes instead of putting down your stupid small town That nobody has ever heard about In the depths of Ohio, You should appreciate it.
Dear Seniors,  Sometimes instead of putting down your stupid small town That nobody has ever heard about In the depths of Ohio, You should appreciate it.
Dear College,    I've heard a lot about you. People say you're great, a real relationship, so much better than high school. But I'm scared. Really scared. 
  Because I love you, I’ll continue to steal your t-shirts. I’ll fall asleep laying in your shirt that smells like you, Even though I wish we could have innocent sleepovers.
I look myself in the mirror and I see a "tall lonely depressed girl." Well, not really. My friends see that. They don't see all of the struggles that I go through.
Less than a year before I leave So short time I can hardly believe As that day approaches I start to reminisce About all the things I'm going to miss.   My friends, my peers it has been six years
No to the DBQs. No to the dialecticals. No to the derivatives. No more.   No to the research projects, the industrial revolution, and activation energies. No more.  
My proclamation? This is what I've got; My motivation? Consider it shot; My concentration? Lost it on the spot; My procrastination? Worse than you thought; My generation?
These classes are higher than stormy waves, And are taught at such a hasty pace! I know, the teacher never promised me all A’s, But will they offer very little grace!
It's been a long four years, each dwindling to an end a little faster than before.My last may be my last but it's all still just a first,Years and months of friends and then none.
We play by each rule. We Stay in school. We  Study late. We Wake Up By Eight. We  Review for Test. We Do our best. We
We play by each rule. We Stay in school. We  Study late. We Wake Up By Eight. We  Review for Test. We Do our best. We
I can't make a decision, without my parents telling me I'm Wrong. I've almost lost my best friend over a boy. I'm Confused. Who am I anymore? I'm  Lost.
Two years stuck in the same chair, On the same computer, On the same website. Two years speaking to the same people, To the sane adults,  To my insane self. Two years of homeschooling,
They said junior year was the most difficult Well they were surely wrong Yes the spring of SAT's and college visits were strenuous But senior year was strong   My first priority was cross country
Who do you want to be? Half-truths, An uncomfortable smile, A fidget. Am I supposed to know?   What do you want to do now? The question I've always yearned to hear-to answer.
My grades define the person that I am, Hard working or a hooligan, Letters and numbers seem to have more importance than my well-being, There is no sleep, Infinite nights with essays and caffeinated drinks,
So much has happened during these last few months Friendships have broken, Enemies have formed Even my sexuality roamed.    I don't know what to say, really Haters exist Deserving my fist  
Trails walked by others Paths carved by those before us Their own metaphor   Stage, be our lantern Blue and silver be our light Our tassels ready   We walk our own trails
Porcelain   Where are you? What are you doing? This is not right! Unacceptable! Is this what you pictured?  
I am from a small house with many people, The sound of birds and smell of food. Toys all around and bikes scattered on the ground. Sitting at a full table and dreaming of a new life.
 You think he is cute, he dresses nice, a little player, but he is into you. "I can make him change", thinks the girl that is still in her teens. You fail to realize that he is young too.
Brisk dancer I move with such grace
I am toxic. Everything I touch I kill, and not in a poetic murder 
I woke up that morning smelling like campfire
Only one thing can pick me up off my feet. Not even a thousand balloons Can reach the peak of this sick beat. All the moons Added togeher, Not even a bird from the tip of its feather,
Is my nature free? I will not laugh nor shout And engulf in reverie   And then I say I am the sea   The moon the glowing orb Is a friend to some but not the swirling sea
First day of school, reuniting with old friends. That's what makes me twist and shout.
Just the other day I realized what it was. It wasn't being old, being mean, or sitting in the back of the bus. It wasn't trashing the school, or stealing all you can, It was helping a freshman, find a hidden trash can.
Who am I? The one cowering on the floor as the crowd walks by Fear rips through my body The anxiety tears at my heart with its needle-sharp nails My breathing increases as my attack starts
Smile on my face 5, 6, 7, 8 Cheerleading. It's in my blood. 12 years of it. 12 entire years of my life. 12 years of pom poms, dancing, cheering on the crowd.
You see a teenager. Day to day, smiling awkwardly at those who pass.I see a little girl. Sitting all alone, trying to hide her face from those who look upon her.You see a senior, attending classes, not paying attention.
I have no inspiration, I don't have anything to write about. Maybe it will come to me as I'm writing. Maybe it wont.
Excuse my corniness but It's true when people say These are the best days of your life You don't believe it yet But you will You have to admit Some days are brighter than most
Not knowing what i was going to see I found my self in a place where i wanted to be
Putting pen to paper Is more difficult than it sounds During the night It's easy I'll write of adventure Of fights Of romance Of tales incredible to behold
This is my last performance for you my brothers so i am glad to be wearing this uniform one last time I'll drop and give you 20 coach so don't get so poached this is one weird poem for y'all
Can it be done? You'll never make it. What makes you think you're that smart? Change your major while it's still easy.    Can it be done? Its been my dream. All I can see myself doing. 
My country 'tis of thee My brown hands work hard for almost free Cutting insults in everything I see At least I am not a pan handler like thee   Judged for seeking a nobler life
It slowly crawls behind a person  Like a shadow in the early stages of life The few who leave early  do not get consumed by something so divine 
My dream is to be a animator  Not just any digital design animator  No, That is to wide of a goal I am for smaller more difficult Disney animator  That is what I want to be 
The time was near It felt like it took forever 
Not many know what it's like Living in some one else's pain every day Feeling sorry for them because you know they can't help it But it hurts you and your mom so much
Since Freshman year, I love being on stage. I made entertaining my whole entire life. It always soothes me and calms down my rage.
One job…changed my life.
walking across the green grass  almost time to say goodbye to our class sweaty palms and shaky knees  finally going to be free anxiously waiting to hear your name looking around to see who all came
As senior year draws to an end I look at each and every friend  some moving away  some planning to stay we will all move on  to start our lives on our on to break some family ties 
Next year will see me off to the Midwest, Land of country music, hockey and snow, It will cost my parents a lot of dough, But I cannot believe how much I’m blessed. Worried the weather will make me depressed,
Skinny legs, a perfect hair is what they to see A pretty face and perfect body, The opposite of me. The pressure to be perfect is slowly closing in.  When, when will all of this come to an end?
She, she knows all of what love is not. It comes to her like a foreign language nobody has ever cared to teach her.
The school year is coming to an end,  It makes my heart cry. Though we are forced to move on,
It’s almost time, we’re nearly done Senior year, the final one Last year to cherish the friends we make It’s time for risks we want to take   Life is quickly passing by
The winter I was seventeenwas a moment of trying times.I was cold and under pressure,and was trying to find my life's reasons and rhymes. 
my stomach rumbles again, loudly, the girls to the front of me, to the side of me, all around me, giggle and i hear the crunch, crunch
Can you believe it's really here?It's October of our senior year. Our class is closer, closer than ever.Why can't this year just last forever? As we send in our first college application,
Love is invisible
Blood boiling in my veins, body becomes rigid and cold, saying goodbye to the old, when I awaken you see the heart that was taken, peer into my lifeless body numb and still, look into my dead eyes that once held what feeling I felt, now washed aw
el viento
I see the students running through the halls. I can feel the stress brought on by life.  I see girls trying to hide the rips on jeans. I see people hiding strips of hair colour brought on by a need 
Freshmen year, and already feeling like a fish out of water, Not sure if the teachers cared, nor did it matter, because i didnt care. Sitting and listening, counting seconds into minutes, minutes into hours,
  ringing of the bell 
Someone helpCant get this year over with any fasterHow is any of this going to help me in the future?Opitimistically, these 4 years have flew byOh and I cant wait for college
"What in the world am I suppose to do" I cant see the future, All I see is bleakness and Im feeling blue
fall in line.  Shh. Don't speak out child  mubled truths, breathing underwater  I'm drowning on soild ground  I'm...  slowly fading Figuring it will work out for the better 
Senior year is flying by,Gently, swiftly, like a butterfly.It's what we're used toWe cling on tight,We are still wobbling birds,Not quite ready for flight.Then comes a point,
Waves crash against the shore, A storm is on its way. I cling to my desk in a bitter hope That it will all pass over me.   But as they walk by, Their lightning strikes— Cold, hard stares
My mommy doesnt know all that I do. She doesnt know about everything I've gone through I smile when I'm around her, so that she doesnt know All the trouble I got into and where my mind likes to go
Stop Take a second look at me What do you see? Is it obvious to the naked I who I am? Maybe? No Pay close attention What am I wearing? Trendy right? What's in my hand?
Can you believe it's really here?It's October of our senior year. Our class is closer, closer than ever.Why can't this year just last forever?
An ache in my heart grew as I appeared back in the crowd that following Monday. I had no intentions of being mentally present, of having anything to say.
I thought you put the best in me,But you really just tested me. I thought you wanted us,Instead I want to cuss. I thought you really wanted me,But I guess you just want to be free.
Gravity is irresistible. I want to stay away, But this concept is not unmistakable. It must sustain on the bay.   I feel defenseless In my naked soul. As I am relentless
You think you know us, But you don’t even understand chess. So go ahead and please fall in front of a bus. I think I would be relieved by my stress.   You say you want to help,
Everything to you is a contest of snobbery Cunning and soul-less is how you wish we would be You drive us apart by dangling the carrot in front of our faces Ignorant is the student who actually chases
Students cannot say You are wrong in many ways or that your hair is going gray. Students cannot say The way you grade is unfair or that we hope you get eaten by a bear.
She’s submerged in the depths of depression, But deception is her specialty. Yet, someone has seen through her walls. They have seen the hurt she conceals.   She walks down the halls with a smile on her face,
I am a rat. Not the mischievous, dirty creature that makes people shriek in horror when they come across one.
For what reasonwould I ever want to come back here?There is sickening staleness in the air,winter breeze coming from the heat ductsand no one is friendly,including you, Mr. Authority.My discipline report
“Mirror, mirror on my wall Who is fairest of them all? I know it not to be me With how I look, how could it be? I am not thin or sweet or smart. I do not look like a piece of art.
We are not machines.We are not all one being.We may look at the same things but interpret those same things differently.We are not machines.
Teacher, oh, teacher, how you make me weep Every night I get less and less sleep You torture me with dull tales  My mind is going off the rails Teacher, oh, teacher you're killing me
You kick my chair for hours on end. Throw paper balls towards my face just to get under my skin. Talk mad sh*t behind my back to start some trouble, but you don't hear a peep out of me because I am invincible to your dirty bubble.
I sit in the very back of the room hoping you dont call my name. When you do, and I cant answer, you say I'm the one to blame. But you're the type of teacher that I cant come up to.
As I wake up every morning, my mind rushes through many thoughts. Being a senior maintaining school, work, grades, and band isn't helping me a lot.
Can it be true?  Is this real?  What if it's not? What if it is?  How will I know? The alarm finally rang, because it's Once Upon A Time, to get up and see what's going on.  It can't be true.
  I have a dream, Similar to Martin Luther King, I want us all to succeed. The words, "We have finally made it" to be uttered through our hearts, Shared by Our differences,
I’m sorry I can’t always follow the rules and get sucked into this thing they call high school.  
To shake the hand of the principal is my goal To uplift my parents soul To make my teachers proud To stand in front of the crowd I am a student that sits in the class
I try so hard to be my best. But I end up being the worst in my class. We take all these stupid tests, not even one of us can pass. If you have a problem with the sheet,
  I wrote a poem                      And it was on white paper                      With black lines                      And I called it                                  Happy
I sit in classPutting forward my attention,Thinking of the equations,Understanding the lessons,Ignoring the distractions.
  Alone in the corner they sit at their desk, Pulling down sleeves to cover their bruises. With frightened eyes they follow every hand, Even though here they are safe. They look at you and hope you know,
Emotions are whirling Stress finds me everywhere Sometimes I just want to be alone I don't know how much of this I can bear
Emotions are whirling Stress finds me everywhere Sometimes I just want to be alone I don't know how much of this I can bear
It all started one spring Seen a light And my mom on a bed For the first time With tears in her eyes Holding me tight   But two moths ago Something terrible had happened
It's the last year of imprisonment The last of my safety One says it's a step to a new life Perhaps, the closing of youth... Is it death? Never have I ever Felt the uttermost dread
Three famous words of Shakespeare   I've spent thirteen years of my life in school I think I'm ready for another 4 plus.   I saw the heartbreaks; the failures; the successes
I don’t like poetry. I know, it sounds like blasphemy to an English teacher’s ears but I just don’t like it. I know, I sound like a six year old
The life of a senior, Is to be a great leader, To be a role model for the younger kids, But become an underclass man all over again, But as of now for eight hours, Ill have the power, 
  innocence in watching grass grow; the cliche is there but so is the truth
File for this. Apply for that. Where is the fun at? Deadlines buzzing whirring around Overwhelming the toughest of nerves. Quivering Wondering Focusing Shivering
  We live with them.We have them for other people.Other people have them for us.It's expected to have expectations. Parents expect us towork harder,word longer,and work better.
We were tight, thought everything was right. But apparently not, because you forgot. One day you left with no reason. It was like treason.
All high school Ever gave me  Were chewed down finger nails, Lifeless eyes,  And anxiety.  And yet, We were once children, Who walked through those big doors, Down these big halls,
You say fill out the bubble sheet it has all that you need. You say now write this page it'll help you succeed. the due date rolls around, what lies you told; the success I was grasping,
Professor, oh professor You're overqualified This job you have is just full of your self indulgent pride Are you really teaching, Or growing your ego? How can you sit around and smile as you watch my grades go? Professor, oh professor Im underclas
You tried so hard but you never quite were who you wanted to be, feeling so unsure. There were times you wanted to let it all go there were days you wanted to be best in show.
The “big kids” walk into the room I am a small nervous second grader and my new reading buddy is from a fifth grade class I am a pea and they are all bean stocks
Long fingernails Salive in my hair Hand on my waist Roaming my chest In my pants "You have a sexy body." He whispers. I slip into disgust, feel an urgency to stop. But I didn't.
My dad was full of spirit, My dad was full of dreams, My dad was full of love, My dad was full of smoke. My dad was full of alcohol. My dad was full of strength. My dad was full of so many things
And the memories are like frozen icicles dropping on my limbs Making me bleed despair And I can't seem to put myself back together The mask is shattered I want to leave peacefully I left my brain and heart,
And you start to see it in everyone: The town whore The girl who peed her pants in 3rd grade The hot 20 year old life guard, his little brother with greasy hair and a pizza face. A raped female cat
A beautiful face A tormented past  An undeniable mystery to the audience of my life.    I show, You see
Everyday I wake up at six. Groggy, tired, deprived of my thrilling time in my dreams. 
All else seems bright and sharp Clear in my sight Lost in my thought How could it be? No matter how close I get, The less I can see My focus is off No longer on point Good for nothing
It has always been me, everyday of my life Living in fear, having to walk around in strife I'm very quiet, probably the quietest person you will ever meet  But something about me gives a scent of rejectment
seconds tick, tick, tick, tick rows and rows of motionless eyes excitement ceases to show itself it is only our future in disguise   minutes pass by without interaction
Why is it Im your student why am I less than you Im just as capable  Im just not as experienced  I know what I'm  doing I try hard I work hard so why is 
    you all cry you all hurt and you all are the reasons why   Tell me, you there. What is it you are doing? Trying so hard to a goal you cannot reach.
Expected to be prepared in every class, "it is key to pass," say all the teachers to the mass, I have one question to ask, how can you expect us to be prepared with every task, when you forget to write it upon the board where it will bask, under t
I wake up everyday, tired as can be. Slugging through the hallways, grim faces are what I see. My locker will not open, I swear this time it's the lock,  trying to get my books, as all the students flock.
Dear Teacher's Of My Past Sometimes y'all look at student's like germs. Other times we're their the best student's y'all have had for the year. We look for your help, but get a pat on the back and keep walking.
What do I do in a world where your scent was the best high around? Intoxicating and uplifting.  Now I'm gone. No pupose. No sunrises. 
My man. My Jack Sparrow searching for his Treasure. My Wolverine. My X-man. My
She is a girl. Broken. Scarred. She comes to you with a heartbeat as erratic as a suicide bomber. She is that beautiful tornado racing to engulf you.   She is a girl. Beaten. Weathered.
Just like all the others As I tread through the halls They take our colors and filter them through Black and white and gray  
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Slow. Stop. Sympathize. Claims of compassion corrode. Heaps of homework hail.
You experienced what it was like once, The bullying, The pep-rallys, The body heat from passing students in a tiny hall.   You experienced what it was like once,
four minutes between classes my feet move a mile a minute and so does my mind   but four miles isn't far enough from my last class my backpack weighs me down as does the burden of new knowledge
Who do you think you are...Is it because you have a degree....Does that make you any better than me?
Coming to school to teach us lessons, Makes us learn the different connections, We have attended school for 13 years, It makes me wonder what grinds your gears, Very few students value their work,
The soldiers are hungry. They live on meager meals, Meager meals indeed. While we sit here, cracking jokes, and breaking yolks in home economics.
Damn why are you teaching so fast, Stop!!! Take time to actually teach, not speed through material, so that your class can understand and meditate on your words instead of stressing  each year trying
Sometimes  I think it'd be easier if you had died Not because I want you dead, Not because I hate you, But because then maybe I'd have a reason. I'd have a reason to avoid everyone you ever spoke to
My grades are falling rapidly Because of the level at which you are teaching me   You say my rhymes are elementary That they may be At least I'm not derogatory You need to expand your vocabulary
Do you know that old saying? Something borrowed Something old Something new Something borrowed Something blue? Well, scratch the old and the blue and try something borrowed
You have seen me everyday now, 2 days in a row I'm excited for the future days Are you teacher that will listen, teach and care? Will you hear the things I can't say?  
You sit behind your desk Looking very grotesque Because you are scared That you are ill-prepared One of us will out shine  Causing you to whine.   Is that fair? To swear.
Cellulose, glucose, disaccharides, evolution. One more assignment I swear, there will be a revolution. The homework is hard, while exams nearly cause treasoning. Picking this class was stupid, beyond logical reasoning.
    Open your books Turn to page.. Wait open up a book to learn about nothing that is me Turn to a page that has only been printed to read against me Today we will be reading the chapter...
You never seem to see. Attention is what she rarely gets. Because ignoring is just easier. Easier than watching her cry. Easier than watching her die. A little bit each day. You never pull her aside.
Why must I sit down in this environment, We got students dropping out and old teachers retiring, I mean Im not one for admiring, But to me this teachers aren't inspiring, They sit on their desk talking nonsense babbling sounding childish, Its time
For the sixth time this morning  you called her ugly For the tenth time today  you called her stupid For the hundredth time this week you called her useless And when she came to school today 
today the secrets outyou are beautifulthat you would ever think otherwise is a crimeyou are beautifula flower no matter the colorno matter the shapeno matter the sizeit is beautiful
I think of my future and how you are in the way  i think about that one passing grade  and while i stare out the window and listen to your incessant droning on
They say bring your own device, But now we can leave behind the teacher? I miss the personal guidance and advice Of an instructor, a mentor, a living creature.   They say here, everything is on these iPads;
Is it all about pleasing the teacher? You musn't ever say a bad word. The "F" word. The "S" word. Nothing innapropriate. Nothing suggestive. Only perfect, angelic behavior.
What can I do / When you dont have a clue / You never knew / I just wanted to say screw you // I just wanted to earn / I really yearned / But with you I cant learn / And now I'm no longer your concern.
The Little Astronaut   The sorbet horizon slowly faded away Tangerine, lavender & mellow yellows gone
Your words come at me like a swarm of bees. Stinging me and you just can't see. They sting so hard and it happens so fast. I asked a question now I understand less than I did in the past. Your explanations just threw me off track.
The halls, the walls, all familiar to our eyes, as we make our last rounds, we realize this is the last time; we begin to remember the memories, the teachers, everything they taught us, and everything they didnt.
My hands are sweating, My mind is fretting. The clock is ticking, The time is shrinking. Still I sit here and stare, Spacing off into thin air. Finally I pick up my pencil,
I should know this, I should know this... I should know this by heart. I've done it so much I should have it down like an art. What do to? What to say? Can I ask how to start
You don’t know me, My book has yet to be released. Judge me when you have the right, But for now, turn left.  
A slip here, a slip there. I am sure the teacher will not care. She knows we secretly call her names. The witch or Ms. Happy is what we dubbed her to be. Oh trust me, Ms. Happy is not what it seems. 
Reaching out Look at me and understand, Understand my thinking, Thinking of a time long past you, You who lives within reality, Reality a cruel idea.   Look at me and understand,
growing up as a child so innocent so wild the happiness the laughter the cries and pain right after you wander in your mind can I leave this life behind but you know you have no option the hand of life having an auction grabbing everyone day by da
I am from superman popsicles,             from overused couches and piles of shoes by the door. I am from the circular trampoline and the
My life: it’s like one of those practices where you keep running suicides The whistle blows, you start running You don’t know when it’s going to stop; but what you do know is you have no other option but to give it your all
  The cool breeze skims my skin, Giving me the chills. My toes crinkle in the sand, As I quickly look to the hills.   Remembering him was easy, But missing him was hard.
I do not like that. The weird place. The odd shape. The abnormality.  I do not like much. Not what I see. Not how I see it. Not much at all. "But this is okay." They point out.
My brother Make your legacy live in history The past of segregation lingers onto our present communities, And its comedy is somehow becoming our young brothers and sisters you see..
my body convulsesShaking andWrenchingteartearteartearStreams down my checksOverflowing
I was once happy A long time ago Now I cant seem to smile Only tears seem to flow   Pen to paper My feelings forever in ink My escape from reality My only way to think  
  I lost the battle between love and denial. Love won and screwd me over. Denial would have made me sober.   It’s over...   Death came and cut your life line.
There’s nothing more humbling than An elderly man Sitting alone in the park.   His days although limited, They are consistently filled with That wooden bench in the park.  
The once pure white snow soaked with the blood of my brothers. Hearts bleeding sorrow and hopelessness. Facing the fact that there won’t be a chance to say goodbye. Why am I here? Someone…anyone please remind me.
Only I know what the inside beholds the outside seems so bitter and old Each remarks cuts so deep no one knows how hurtful they can really be I deal with the pain as the days go by
She, that girl, sits there, in that corner of the lunch room every day.   She, her eyes stay glued to her plate. Amongst that, that there chaos.  
It walks in the night when life takes its first breath. It flies over blue and pink cribs smiling down into their faces. when fumbling words finally make sense It is cloaked in black, invisible smoke.
Oh, Laury, How I wish I was as brave as you, that I could do the things that you do. How I wish I could march outside, with wear curly, wild, fiery red hair,
Oh, mama End me because when you sent me to ground, my lungs caved in I dug my own hole, shovel in hand, but when I looked back at you, mama, you threw me in, and the door slammed shut
Old friend, look at me now.   As of late I took over the minds of the privileged drawing them in, playing with their communication. And finally, someone bought you out,
So i took a couple pulls to keep me sanethis music numbing my brain why?you're asking about the vybz or the tree?I dont know.. it's not for everyone but it's for me.
I am Harshly Honest, I am Vicious and Violent, I am Smart and Sneaky, I am a Punisher, I am Spicy and Sweet, I am Agression and Pain, I am simply me Lexii.
A flowing of my finger tips across a blank page my words, my thoughts, inspiration hiding behind a story know one knows the meaning for I am the one who has created it seeking my own memories
All year long I don't even know when I 'm strong Why do I have to wait You're the right fate Shadows you can see through Sunlight clouds Darkness falls Fall leaves Spring flowers
I write because,       the pen is the only thing that understand me.       And the paper; the only thing that listens.   I write because of hard times,       because of bad times.
                                                                          Imagine yourself wearing a yellow star everyday being labeled a Jew
  De pequeños buenos amigos Somos aunque hermanos seamos. Juntos a dragones peleábamos Y a la princesa rescatábamos.  
  Eres algo inexplicable que puedes aparecerte y hacer tu trabajo cuando menos eres esperada Nadie sabe si le sirves al de arriba o al de abajo Sólo sabemos que puedes estar ahí solamente al estar en nuestro trabajo
There was an anticipation the clock was crawling slower than a snail My heart began to beat louder All else is a blur but the goal is clear the reality is closer Yet the quiet game seems easier
Asians can't drive, and Mexicans make trouble. You will get shot by a black man who will rob your home and steal your vehicle. All Mexican immigrants are illegal. Asians can't speak English to save their pathetic little lives.
The four years seem to flash right before your eyes, Goosebumps appear as you tread down the empty hall the last time. You feel as if ants are crawling in your stomach, Every one going separate ways to college.
Having traveled these halls many times I arrive, now, at the final chapter So that I may finally make my path And walk toward life on my own. Since fate holds that I can not stay, I will leave you all behind
It’s the end of senior year Time for laughter, time for cheer So many memories in these halls Teachers, students, windowless classroom walls Freshman year, just starting out
Brown Jug
I walk up to the front of the classroom and hand in my final exam and walk out. I walk through the dirt parking lot, a brown pit of muck from yesterday’s rain, for the last time this semester.
2013 My graduation year the end has never seemed so near leaving friends and my home in the past but i promise i wont forget the tough times staying up late to finish homeowrk
He says he's replacing the Confederate Flag on his desktop With a picture of Me. I proceed to wonder if I should explain the irony of this, Or let him roll over comfortably in his quilted ignorance.
i remember a silly bear a handsome fox and Marion fair oodelolly oodle oh, golly, what a day
Here we are Here we stand We are living out God's own plan We are the children of the dream I don't need another new year to start a change I am a change
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