You Just Don't Understand


Everyday I wake up at six. Groggy, tired, deprived of my thrilling time in my dreams. 

I have to get ready to get the approving looks and admirable glances of my peers, who know nothing about me nor do they really care. They're just judgemental eyes.

Everyday I get into the building and am seated by eight. Stomach growling because I had forgotten to eat breakfast while I was scrambling to find the paper I had invested 3 hours of my time into...

only to find out that you weren't checking it anyway.

Everyday I stretch my back. It is sore from carrying your textbooks, along with the nine other textbooks from other subjects.

Everyday I stay after school, trying to participate in a club. I hate that I could be doing something else, but hey it'll look good for college.

Everyday I spend hours again, doing homework.

It is finally one in the morning and I pass out from exhaustion. Books left open. 




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