I’m sorry I can’t always follow the rules and get sucked into this thing they call high school.


Crazy how a person’s eyes can watch the clock and everyone’s eyes follow, tic tock, tic tock. This epidemic spreads like syphilis, so ridiculous.


So stand up and teach before everyone’s eyes meet on that circle as it reaches…. freedom.


Don’t just file through those papers of mine and stick on a grade, actually read ‘em.


Help me understand how this thing called life works.


 I know I can’t make a paycheck like Miley by people watching me twerk.


I know you’re just a person too and at one level or another we probably have the same virtues, but before we get to that place we will have issues.


It’s that time in the world where a lot is going on and a lot seems to be going wrong.


Help me clear the fog through this blur of bells and class.


Make me want to work for an honest grade to pass.


These are the things I would say to those teachers who play on there computers and make personal phone calls during my time to learn.


Where I don’t get paid like u do with cash, but with knowledge so I don’t end up on the streets sitting on my ass.


No I don’t want food stamps or to live off everybody’s tax. Just teach me like I’m gonna be great someday and I know this education will pay off and my potential will be risen to its max.


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