"Because I Love You"


Because I love you,

I’ll continue to steal your t-shirts.

I’ll fall asleep laying in your shirt that smells like you,

Even though I wish we could have innocent sleepovers.

Just feeling you warm up my poorly circulated feet.


Because I love you,

I’ll be at your door when home isn’t home

We find home in each other.


Because I love you,

I’ll wait for our time to be together.

For when we are in college, away from our families.

I’ll wait for us to get old with each other.


I’ll wait for us to never run out of conversation.

I’ll wait for us to get through the worst parts life has.

I’ll wait for us to watch all of Stranger Things together.

I’ll wait for us to grow and become one.


Years ago you were the boy I said “no” to,

I didn’t know the you I now can’t get enough of.


Now, you are my best friend and the love of my life.

The person I never thought I would get another chance with.


Look where we are.

Planning our future together.

Planning our life together.

You swearing we will name our son after John Mayer.


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