Dear Most Inadequate Teachers,

Mon, 11/04/2013 - 19:30 -- 14hoska

You think you know us,

But you don’t even understand chess.

So go ahead and please fall in front of a bus.

I think I would be relieved by my stress.


You say you want to help,

But honestly you just whelp


You say you want us to go to College.

Let’s face it, you can’t fix our Education.

That’s our own common knowledge.

Just walk away to your vacation.


You think you can prepare a student.

I bet you find it an amusement.


Teacher, I have a question.

You think we don’t know eight plus eight?

Sorry, but I have a confession,

I don’t give a sh*t, and by the way it’s sixteen, checkmate


Thank-you glorious teacher,

For teaching me the most common sense a human being can have

I bet I couldn’t learn that from my preacher

But Frankly, I’m too young and dumb

You think I’m too big of a fool to be smart

And so are the rest of the students in school.

You’re Welcome, Most Sincerely, A student

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