A Conversation of Reality



Open your books

Turn to page..

Wait open up a book to learn about nothing that is me

Turn to a page that has only been printed to read against me

Today we will be reading the chapter...

Chapter on how I can be a woman

Or maybe a chapter on how to manage my finances so that my future won't always look povertized

Now it seems to me that you want me to read about legacies that were left from the day and age of wait...


It seems you want me to completely disregard my understanding for the true meaning of human life to suddenly

give in to book that was written only to embarass me as a human being

Or maybe you want me complete a lesson review about the gifts that history, science, and math have yet to bring

Clarification can be offered through the dictionary on words I cannot understand, am I correct?

So how is it that I have yet to understand the definition of integrity, dignity, and legacy?

You believe that because you degree holds fast to your paycheck that I can honestly learn something from someone who has or should be reading the same books I once laid eyes on

I don't see the definition to that in the dictionary

So please define for me the power of respect

In all your years of school, you can't define a simple word that slashes ignorance and intolerance for ill-mannered people

Your degree must have sadly mistaken you


I'm supposed to know the molecular structure of an atom that I can't see? 

Ohhh! You want me to use the microscope that was invented to see things that aren't supposed to be viewed by the naked eye? 

It seems that as a teacher, a professor, a doctor, a guidance in academics,

You have yet to learn that most of what you already knew came from the same book I won't open.

Now if you don't mind, I would love a trip to the principal's office because I just got in touch with a few realities to school.


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