For the first time, i'm being honest


fall in line. 

Shh. Don't speak out child 

mubled truths, breathing underwater 

I'm drowning on soild ground 


slowly fading

Figuring it will work out for the better 

but my life is slowly ending 

tick tock where is my go getter 


mixed in with the latitude of my ego 

i'm running out of time.. 

tick tock 

he's taking kids who I thought were immortal 

now that's really outta line 

they say i can't be mad at God 

" It's not holy to be angry" 

but  i'm not mad at God i just wish that he would answer me 

answer me ANSWER ME. why won't he answer me?

he's dropping all these hints like he just can't be direct with me... 

but there is a method to his maddness 

and a method to his ways 

as i look around the room at everyone expecting me to be great 

be great be great ?

i can barley be me

i'm walking around in circles on a straight path 

beating myself. 

i've had better days. 

i try and do right. read the Bible every night 

Christian radio, church on sunday 

you know living that "holy life" 

but it's the days after and those nights that have me forgetting everything i've memorized 

and as the test get harder the grades count more

and everything is being recorded 

there are no 



it's surreal how my sins are equal to Hitler's. 

i've never killed anyone, but i'm disrespectful to my mother 

and in God's eyes we're all equal 

so if i don't clean up my act soon.. 

i'll be in the opposite direction of the moon. 

i'm not saying i have a hard life and that nothing goes right 

i'm just letting you know about my struggles. 

my daily fights. 

so you can take what you want and you can take what you like 

but it's time for me to get back to my reality 

my life.


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