Dear Teacher's Of My Past.


Dear Teacher's Of My Past

Sometimes y'all look at student's like germs.

Other times we're their the best student's y'all have had for the year.

We look for your help, but get a pat on the back and keep walking.

Report cards come and parents are upset because of a "C" in your class.

"YOUR GROUND FOR 2 WEEKS!!!!!!" screams my parents.

Even thou I ask for your help to understand.

The end of the year come and here comes your help, when I needed it most at the beginning of the year.

Final report cards come out....

And I'm happy to see an "A-" in your class and a comment from you.

"I've known from the beginning of the you would come out on top. And keep up the great work."

Happy as ever and grateful for my teacher's from my past.


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