Test Anxiety


I should know this, I should know this...

I should know this by heart.

I've done it so much

I should have it down like an art.

What do to? What to say?

Can I ask how to start

This problem that's tearing my sanity apart?


It's killing me-- my pen,

It's bleeding nonsense on my sheet

Though I've been waiting, preparing,

Anticipating this all week.

The pressure's rising; the tension's high

But I shouldn't say a word...

Surely, I would risk sounding too absurd.


It's ticking fast-- the clock

The time is quickly flying by.

I can't afford to fail again,

At least I've got to try.

So I give in and ask,

He says, "We covered it that day in class."


The sting I feel from his response.

How dare you go and say 

That I'd ignore the very thing

I needed for today?

I wanted help and all you tell me,

Is I should know this stuff already?


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