Life by Justin Robinson


growing up as a child so innocent so wild the happiness the laughter the cries and pain right after you wander in your mind can I leave this life behind but you know you have no option the hand of life having an auction grabbing everyone day by day knowing that none of them have a say however, life is not all that bad when you think about all the times you had the love you had from mom and dad and the hugs when you were sad it may not be a walk in the park Its the battle between the world and your heart while your searching for that key to get out of the dark and the world biting you like a shark will you be the follower or the leader the doubter or the believer all I know is that I am not wasting the one life I have I am doing what I have do on my own behalf now take life by the collar and take control and do not let go until you have paid that toll make sure your heart is whole before they bury you in that hole


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