Innocence No More


  innocence in watching grass grow; the cliche is there but so is the truth

Grass all around her little chunky clear painted toes and its lovely and its perfect, picture perfect for her now Polaroid camera she saved up her piggy bank change for

 It was perfect and it was beauty and the simplicity of it all made her glisten with joyous youth

Memories were filled just simple grass and she would watch it grow until one day a five headed leaf fell on her now slender feet

She picked it up and it was goofy and it was exciting, a thrill kind of unreal not so simple and it was sinful and she was delighted and she liked its smell of exotic greens and it was pure and it took her on adventures simplicity never did

But when she began to watch the wrong grass grow her innocence will no longer show  and her now slender toes are painted red in a field of Bob Marley

Her picture perfect is now on Instagram and the caption is "hey man this is gnarly" instead of memories filling her head clouds will reside instead

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