tick, tick, tick, tick

rows and rows of motionless eyes

excitement ceases to show itself

it is only our future in disguise



pass by without interaction

not even a question or hand

the chitter chatter increases

does she not know she decides where we land?



words are just spewed out

comprehension isn’t even a thought

confused looks go unnoticed

those who fall behind tend to be forgotten



unsolved problems aren’t even a concern

she continues without ensuring compensation

confused looks only continue

you’d think by now extra help would be a mention



numbers come in low

yet her style never changes

her only thought is on getting through the year

maybe success would be an option had there been more exchanges



the end comes around

nothing has been gained

never a thought given toward being helped

those left behind can only feel ashamed



knowing one on a more personal level

she may have realized their cry

their potential was always more

they may have even been as successful as you or I

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