Going to College


It's the last year of imprisonment

The last of my safety

One says it's a step to a new life

Perhaps, the closing of youth...

Is it death?

Never have I ever

Felt the uttermost dread

Of melancholy separation between childhood and adulthood...


It's the end,

But it's the beginning

My freedom awaits,

Maybe I am doomed on a tragic quest

To unknown places, with black holes needed to be filled

Mistakes meant to be made

Lessons meant to be learned

Then I might return home or-


I write my own story now

One fresh leaf shall be turned over another

I still wonder where the time went,

But depending is over

We can't waste time now

We shall make history!

This new generation meant to graduate...


In the spring of summer, in a new world...

Eyes torn open

Reality sets in

I'm going to college!

Where on Earth have I been?!


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