Over the Years


Freshmen year, and already feeling like a fish out of water,

Not sure if the teachers cared, nor did it matter, because i didnt care.

Sitting and listening, counting seconds into minutes, minutes into hours,

Not even thinking about questioning or understanding, getting involved i didnt dare.

Sophmore year was more of a daze.

Teachers were different, students were about the same.

But i began to see a change,

not only in myself, but in the game.

Junior year it wasnt about who wore what and what happened to who,

but more of what IM going to do, who im going to be.

teachers didnt fill me with sorrow, or useless information,

but they began to fill me with inspiration and glee.

Currently im in my senior year. 

Still naive, still have a lot of questions

but different from my freshmen year.

I cant thank myself for this change, for there are honorable mentions.

Teacher's from over my hichschool year,

no matter how much sense you made not, or how regulary you got me pissed,

not a day will go by that i dont remember the teachings you've offered other than  math or biology,

because those teachings and memorable moments in the classroom, will be surely missed




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