Sleep Child Sleep




you all cry

you all hurt

and you all are the reasons why


Tell me, you there.

What is it you are doing?

Trying so hard to a goal you cannot reach.

Why even bother? You hold no potential.

I am your teacher therefore I know better.

You are retarded, a loss, and an obvious mistake in this world.

Sit down and sleep, don’t even get up.

For I hate your face, your voice, and your smile.

I loathe your heart and all its attempts to do better than I,

And I repent your laughter for I wish to bring you pain.

Sleep child sleep..


Silence... Is fools gold


Then if you choose to ignore my marks then I pray my words sting.

I hope you fail, you die, you fall.

For an Alek should never have existed at all.

Cry and burn for I know I'm not the only one,

To wish you such hell under this burning social sun.

May your sidewalk turn grey and your house brighten blue.

And know the knowledge that there are those better than you.

You cannot inspire, and you cannot be loved.

I pray only death is given to you from above.

Sleep child Sleep and feel what pain my words bring.


The thought, The wish, The want... Is more than the action, The reality, And the ability...


Tell me, you there.

What is it you are doing?

Crying so much on this unforgiving floor?

No, not ever, stand up now at once.

Look me in the eyes and breathe.

Hug me and love me child it is all right.

Trust in no one but yourself, and achieve whatever it is you wish.

Take my pen, and use my paper to dry your tears.

Open your heart and share to the world your gift.

Search for your desire, and perhaps you may get more than you bargained for.

Rest child rest…


-Aleksander Vargas


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