The Reflections of the Angsty Teenagers


And you start to see it in everyone:

The town whore

The girl who peed her pants in 3rd grade

The hot 20 year old life guard,

his little brother with greasy hair and a pizza face.

A raped female cat

A teenage pot dealer:

sleeping all day,

awake blazed all night,

only to be disturbed by customers.

A teenage dirtbag just fucking his 80th girl in a parking lot,

Receiving AIDS as a gift.

A teenage dream smoking crank at a party.

And the nonchalance starts to scare you,

And you wish you never knew,

It's as if your vision has been cleared,

And it hurts to see right through everyone

and peek into their seething souls.

You abhor it.

You despise it.

And you just want it to STOP

Because then you might realize all the:

fools, cheaters, sluts, bitches, assholes, mistakes, lies, secrets, and tricks,

aren't just foolish gossip made up by town gossip,

but that these stories resemble you.

Each and every one.

You are composed of the guilt.

The dirty secrets.

The pathetic sob stories of teenage waste.

And then you start to wonder why people don't seem to have a conscience anymore.

And then you start to wonder if you ever did.


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