The Fallen

The once pure white snow soaked with the blood of my brothers. Hearts bleeding sorrow and hopelessness. Facing the fact that there won’t be a chance to say goodbye. Why am I here? Someone…anyone please remind me. I’m losing my mind, my soul exploding and bursting with

every grenade, every gunshot…

War. He knows how to leave quite the impression. I see him when I’m awake, destroying anyone or anything that crosses his path. I hear him screaming his song of death in my ears, leaving permanent damage. I can’t even escape from him in the deepest dwellings of my dreams. HE is the one that made me a shell of who I once was…the one that brought me to the edges of sanity. The one that caused me to lose my grip on reality and slip into the darkest depths of madness.

My own personal hell…

Look at me. Come closely now child…Look me in my eyes. Can you see what’s inside? Can you see that spark of life? Those everlasting pools of love? No. Of course you can’t. Because there’s nothing there. There’s nothing left of me. I might as well be counted as one of the dead.

One of the Fallen. 


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