The Battlefield



I lost the battle between love and denial. Love won and screwd me over.

Denial would have made me sober.


It’s over...


Death came and cut your life line.

It’s all done and over but that don't mean I'm fine.

Hurting me is as worse as touching a porcupine.

It will take some time but I'll be fine for every cloud has a silver line.


Thought you could crush me by making me cry.

I will survive.

And like a diamond I will shine.

I just need a supporting vine to climb.


I know what's wrong, I know what's right.

I have the might to fight the fight through all the obstacles of life.

Like the sun I will rise above the haters who will look up to me like a skyscraper.

Remembering when I was only one floor tall, on my face with my back against the wall.

Thanks to those who didn't just stand there and watch me fall. You stood by me as I learnt to crawl.

Like a lion I will roar and humble myself at the sound of destiny's call.

I am big but I am small, looks don't mean you got it all.

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