We Aren't Your Puppets

Sat, 09/21/2013 - 19:38 -- htrem21


What can I do / When you dont have a clue / You never knew / I just wanted to say screw you // I just wanted to earn / I really yearned / But with you I cant learn / And now I'm no longer your concern. // You are a night mare / This isn't very fair / you clearly dont care / I want to pull out your hair. // Its not okay / For you to say / That you get your way / Like we're your prey. // You don't do anything / While expect us to do everything / You act like a spring / While you expect us to bring. // We aren't your puppets. // You are more than words can explain. // You didn't to shit for us, / WHen we did shit for you. // Go to Hell.


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