You cannot Break Me


You kick my chair for hours on end. Throw paper balls towards my face just to get under my skin. Talk mad sh*t behind my back to start some trouble, but you don't hear a peep out of me because I am invincible to your dirty bubble. You called me out of my name plenty of times, "fat cow, ugly bi$$$." dang man did I commit a crime. Cause your punishing me for cruelty. But I won't blow up on you I'll keep calm and tell the teacher what's going on.
What you mean you can't do noting about bout it your the teacher!
What are you saying he cannot be punished if he isn't caught in the act.
What do you mean he said he did nothing to me!
Your saying I'm putting on a act? you think I'm liying? Being bullied is no joke. It's not funny, you think when I cried myself to sleep everynight was joke, or begging my mom to not make me go to school everyday was a game.


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