How Do You Feel

For the sixth time this morning 

you called her ugly

For the tenth time today 

you called her stupid

For the hundredth time this week

you called her useless

And when she came to school today 

you made her burst into tears


Do you feel stronger when 

you see her hurting like that 

Do you feel better inside

when you see her crying

I'm still wondering 

How do you feel when 

you do that to her

How do you feel?


I see the pain eating her away

She holds back from the world

Cause every flaw you point out 

Sticks in her mind

In her eyes she is ugly and worthless

She tries to hard to make you smile


She takes each of your 

insults and stabbing words

with silent cries

I wonder if someday 

She'll worth it in another's eyes

Another string of cruel words 

from your tongue hit her 

when she walks through the door


Another coat of cover-up 

Still can't hide the message in her eyes

It never seems to be enough

How do you feel 

when you do this to her

How do you feel 

when you do this me?


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