Sh*t You Can't Say to your Teacher

Damn why are you teaching so fast,


Take time to actually teach,

not speed through material,

so that your class can understand

and meditate on your words instead

of stressing  each year trying

to haul ass at the end of each class.



When will you Stop!!

To take time out of your day to see if

we are  ok??   Instead of assuming that

everyone is on the same page, but instead you

cause some students rage.



Who are you  to tell me when, I should know

my material, or When I can go to bathroom

or eat lunch, or when to talk. You are human such as I am.

So therefore we are equal to the fact where I do my thang

and you do your's.



In your right mind tells you to try and overpower

my thoughts, with your  big words and seniority.

What let's you know your right and I'm wrong??


So Why??

Why Can't I say these things without getting in trouble??

Why do Teachers give orders and we have to respond on

the double, this is because society say's it's right!!

But not me Ima put up a fight and

share on my mind what's right!! AITE!!







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