The Worst Memories to Keep

Excuse my corniness but
It's true when people say
These are the best days of your life
You don't believe it yet
But you will
You have to admit
Some days are brighter than most
And even on the Darkest nights
You find true happiness in the people around you

I finally found my people
On those late Nights

We would sit on our cars
Behind old graffiti-covered buildings
Looking to get our fix on Drugs and Alcohol
While dancing with sparklers
And screaming at the night sky

You'd never pay attention to us in daylight
But at night
We come Alive
And overpower each other and our Existence

You tell yourself
Don't get stuck here
Don't get stuck here

There are memories easy to forget
And most worth forgetting
But there are some like these
That are so simple and uncomplicated
Yet so Deadly to the mind and soul
That it makes it hard to leave
And makes you want to stay


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