The Words I Cannot Speak (Sh*t You Can't Say To Your Teacher)

Wed, 09/25/2013 - 18:22 -- cbc167

You have seen me everyday now, 2 days in a row

I'm excited for the future days

Are you teacher that will listen, teach and care?

Will you hear the things I can't say?


You have seen me everyday now, 56 days in a row

Yet you still can't manage my name

Stuttering and stumbling over everything you can think of

Pretending it's all the same


You have seen me everyday now, 103 days in a row

You've decided I'm okay to hate

Because you deem your class most urgent

And you won't accept genius late


You have seen me everyday now, 158 days in a row

You still can't see how I'm abused

If you'd just open your eyes then you would see

The victim within me is bruised


You have seen me everyday now, 180 days in a row

It's time to leave this world and it's sin

Another year over and still no one has seen it

There is no chance for me to win


You have never seen him before,

But a lesson that you've learned

Is that a life is deeper than A's or F's

This time he'll get his turn



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