Eternal Night


What do I do in a world where your scent was the best high around?

Intoxicating and uplifting. 

Now I'm gone. No pupose. No sunrises. 

Only an endless night with a cold moon mocking me with the odd ability to be bright but dark at the same time.

A being only reflecting the light of another more beautiful, more breathtaking than it's lonely eternal follower.


Your kiss tasted like Heaven; now it tastes like Church. 

Still beautiful and filled with life but not as good and pure as the ultimate destination.

I'm stuck in Judgement Day. The unseen plight that gives eternal life or eternal death with a flick of a switch.

In limbo.

In jeopardy.

Dying of a toxic mixture of guilt, fear, self-loathing, and dispare. 

Waiting for the pearly white gates to welcome me one more time.

Hoping that the flickering candle of my hope has enough heart to hold me upright.


My love, don't be afraid; don't feel alone.

I'm here trying to reflect your beauty and fill my heart with life again.

Fill my heart with life again...



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