Scorpions! Seinor Night!


This is my last performance for you my brothers

so i am glad to be wearing this uniform one last time

I'll drop and give you 20 coach

so don't get so poached

this is one weird poem for y'all

so listen up and do not call

I love you all for the effort you give

for being my brothers, strong and brave

you fought with me and my seinor brothers

to finish out our past 4 years

we shale leave triumphant with a winning season

from beating outr rivals and putting them aside

to finding a new one for you to make cry

Williams be scared

The Scorpions will have no fear this very next year

looking forward to seeing some tears

Watch out all other teams because Scorpions will be feared

Now to focus up for this final night

A right to be earned out on that feild 

those friday night lights are calling our names

Scorpions be here... be with me here tonight!

as we fight our greatest fear!

ourselves,  under that friday night lights



I love football, i'm gonna miss it but excited for Culinary school!

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