Your helps no help at all


Your words come at me like a swarm of bees. Stinging me and you just can't see. They sting so hard and it happens so fast. I asked a question now I understand less than I did in the past. Your explanations just threw me off track. I ask you to repeat and you take it too back. You explain what I already knew. I want to just take my book and fling it at you. Our communication between the student and teacher population has gone weak. A student-Teacher friendship is what we seek. We can't talk if we don't call you friend. Your just the person in charge in the end. Sometimes we think of you as the enemy. Because you're the one that turns us in for causing a felony. You overule us saying that you're right and we're wrong. Yet you don't justify your answer we know this song. It's the same thing with our parents. They have the power and I'm the peasant. Isn't that thought pleasant. To us both your words and actions are irrelevant. We feel like the people and you're our corrupted senate. That's why Your helps no help at all. I'm still stuck here what was the point for me to call? I feel like you're repeating to me what I already know. Is that just one of those ways you could call me slow? She doesn't understand. She's Mexican and has no education plan. Is that what you think of me? Your way to feed me sympathy? I ask questions to look for clarification. Now I feel more surrounded by your intimidation. To afraid to speak up. My teachers look tough. You're the one with the Degree who's supposed to be teaching me? I feel like I don't belong. Maybe that's why some students don't stay for long. I don't want to raise my hand when I'm confused. I just feel like if I ask you a question you'll say it's my fault I just snoozed. Too bad little girl you lose. No education for a girl like you. Give up and go to the streets where you do belong. Go throw up your signs and wear your colors but that's not me you got me wrong. School's my escape. A gang is not my place. Yeah I'm from the hood. In school I'm planning to do good. I'll show you with my 3.5 GPA or higher. You'll see I could be president then you'll be fired. Don't judge this book by its cover. From all my wounds I'll recover. So you watch me take this world by storm. And watch me transform.

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