It has always been me,


It has always been me, everyday of my life

Living in fear, having to walk around in strife

I'm very quiet, probably the quietest person you will ever meet 

But something about me gives a scent of rejectment

I walk around school with my head hung low, not knowing what this day would bring,

Would it be the best day of my middle school life, or would it be a regular day, nothing new, still

Being abused by my peers who say i wreak of desperation, Being locked in my locker for 

Hours on end because no one even notices that im not around. 

Thats how bad it's gotten, gone to a horrible extent

Where my "friends" walk past saying nothing or even sneaking in a hit 

I'm telling you this sucks, this life of being a fools dummy and the way my face is bleeding 

Everyday before i go home to the others it is obviously funny.


I'm tired of being evryone else's beat up dummy. But honestly who can i turn to, 

No one takes too kindly to people who tattletale, It would just make it worse.

So i seat in class, in the hallway and on the bus trying not to make a fuss

As the giant fists, of others rage come frantically and willing at my uncovered face.


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