Let It Out


You say fill out the bubble sheet

it has all that you need.

You say now write this page

it'll help you succeed.

the due date rolls around,

what lies you told;

the success I was grasping,

now busting out of an unfit mold.

Rewrite this, retype that;

make up your mind.

It's a non-traditional format, write it like a lab write up,

now I want it in MLA format.

I adapted, I conformed,

tens of papers ripped and torn,

printer ink wasted, I'm done, forget it,

I guess I'll just email it.

Corrections, scribbled in the margins,

criteria to add that was said to just be forgotten.

I hate this, 

I wish I would've just taken AP.

It'd be easier, it'd be concise,

it'd make sense to me. 

Editing, rewriting,

thoughts swarming around,

I hope what I have written is good enough



~Crystal G.




This poem made me smile.



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