My Life (and probably yours too)

You tried so hard but you never quite were

who you wanted to be, feeling so unsure.

There were times you wanted to let it all go

there were days you wanted to be best in show.

"Why are you so scared of finding something to pursue?

Madeline, figure out what you're going to do!"

Parents and neighbors and teachers and strangers

constantly reminding you of all the dangers

of hesitating to apply to all THEIR favorite schools

"Hurry up little girl! Dont end up like a fool!"

So you try and think about the rest of your life

and you realize you could soon be someone's wife!

And you start to see that you've come to the age

where you're finally being let out of that childhood cage.

You couldn't wait to escape! You've always wanted to grow up!

But now that it's here you wish it would slow up.

But you know that you can't slow down time

so you go online and you write a rhyme

to get a scholarship that you heard about in school

and you thought the opportunity sounded pretty cool.


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