The Loss and Gain


An ache in my heart grew as I appeared back in the crowd that following Monday.

I had no intentions of being mentally present, of having anything to say.

Looking to my friends for comfort had been hard enough, now my teachers joined in.

With the year I had been having, it felt like I just couldn't win.

"Please, just try to go back and accomplish your goals", my mother pleaded.

The strength in which you provided was much needed.

I got out of bed, and am almost back to being myself.

Determined to get good grades, and awards to put on our shelf.

Losing you, father, was the hardest thing I will do in my life.

Yet, you and cancer had an ongoing strife.

Senior year, and I both hated to see you go.

However, all the inspiration you left me will forever continue to make me grow.





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