let us be teens


I see the students

running through the halls.

I can feel the stress

brought on by life. 

I see girls trying to hide the rips on jeans.

I see people hiding strips of hair colour

brought on by a need 

to be someone else.

There is no way

for these people to control us more.

Everytime I try to get to class

it feels like a sick version of the hunger games. 


Let us be who we are

and feel what we feel.

Stop holding us to this level 

of unattainable perfection.


We are just teens.

We are not experiments. 


Just let us be free.

Free to mess up, and just be the teens we are. 




I love this entire poem. I feel the same way.


Thanks! It's the first poem i've ever shared, and I was super worried. 


Well, don't worry because it sounds great!

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