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From uncouth caterwauls of coital delight in the asexual day of pornographic night, ever so erotically, the vixens of dawn apprise me Jack Frost has been and gone.
Fiel ich in Traum, falsch versank jeden Morgen ohne Ruh' Mein Verstand hält mich gebannt in der Traumwelt, ohne Flucht  Sah ihn laufen, sorgenfrei mit meiner Zukunft, lachen warum bin ich hier schocken sein, wenn das muss ich gesehen?  Dennoch vie
Psychopathic mind-state, with the heart of a pacifist God forbid my will breaks, else you learn the devil exists Liked a wolf in a sheeps guise walking around with a clever disguise
Muktananda went on and on Ad nauseam it was coming to be "Honor yourself Kneel to yourselves God is dwelling within you as you Revel"
Sometimes The most painful reckoning Is to stare in the eyes of the sinner And watch them smile and pretend As if they've never burned you 
I always said  I'd rather freeze than burn Because ice can melt But ashes remain
Streaking flames, burning embers- Why can’t anything be forever? When the reaper demands his due, And time bids adieu.   I stand upon the abyss
Would that the Gods bound me, Entombed me, Contained me. Perhaps I amuse them. Grafting the arrow on the rose-
Welcome, my bode. Enter beyond,  Seek the fond,  Who dare to lay,  Eyes too stray,  A kindle too hard, 
Every time I hold my ink, I communicate with my experience of realistic tendency to soak deeply, The ideal of a noble orator.
ÛBUNTU ÛMUNTU I'm for Ûbuntu I'm for us I stand for I'm for we are The collective responsibility You're for Ûmuntu You're for you You stand for man for himself The individualistic sense entity
Truth is.. You will never know or Vivre her.! You all hate the truth.... " You can't Handle The Truth"....but You seek the truth... You sing for her... You desire the truth...
The Best    I wish I was the best at something, anything ! I try hard but seem to fall short.  I am the good girl, able to perform many tasks well
Born Free to a delivery fee That in itself States what this life will be An oxymoron with as much b.s. as it can pour on And yet, despite the sludge and smell We will endure on Being the genius
This inspiration It floats around in my head Like thoughts on a train   It sits on a log And thinks for a little while
A flowery dowry Is passed from the mother tree to her wistful daughters. Petals fall in the morning dew. Their tinkling melodies harmonize with the bird song -- That sweet, beloved bird song
How strange  to be in a place where your name is never spoken Where everyone stares  Where you are a foreign object A place with no comfort A place with only uncertainty Yet, how beautiful 
Today I have come to you, To tell you what is right, Under this broad day light. I have come to you, Before the sun fully sprouts, So that you won’t say I am drunk.
Stroll through the park dew on the freshly cut grass and yellow glimmering on the path. The smell of the sun mixed with the Pacific coast breeze.  Every year, every season, every month, and every day
Cover my earth mother four times with many flowers. Let the heavens be covered with the banked-up clouds. Let the earth be covered with fog; cover the earth with rain 
Sometime, long ago there was a tree In which it had leaves Where it would hang about in the breeze And enjoy the sun that was guaranteed   Then a cloud came and blocked the light
Sometime, long ago there was a tree In which it had leaves Where it would hang about in the breeze And enjoy the sun that was guaranteed   Then a cloud came and blocked the light
Traumatized Shaking, Crying not leaving home because the nightmares keep following you Keys in your fist Pepper Spray in the other
Memories created are stored in the colors of sky and sea, grass and kitchen counter. Feelings of music and pain are stored in the apple-scented air and sweet breeze of the place I used to be.
Star stricken goals sink defeat... As one hopes to climb As one hopes to fly Just as I hope to flee from what is beneath Lost in the abyss Lost in the void Just as I hope to flee from what is beneath
When our people die, they become stars of the night. Igniting the obsidian sea, a veil of heavenly light.   For people like I, with godly ichor in our veins, cursed never to die,
you say that your soul is flat and your emotions skitter off the edge into an abyss so how can you love me? but I know that my emotions are a plane off which I have fallen for love of you
The sun will always rise The sun will always set The clouds will always clear But the storm's not over yet You will hide me in the shadow of your wings  You will keep me as the apple of your eye
Here’s a little secret. If it makes any sense , keep it. Why am I here ? What’s the reason? Well , it’s like poetry roulette. Spin the wheel for Bukowski. What does a double zero mean ?
Skin, smooth and tan, a glow That the sun envy’s and the skies adore A look so divine that I’ll never know Curly hair delicately intertwined
Finally President of the United States, Zeus was pleased with himself. Or at least he might have been, had his wife not found out that he had cheated on her.  Again.
Returning back to all that is familiar, in all the most eerie ways, It is snowing, but it’s not cold, It is cloudy, without a cloud in the sky, Raining from the sky,
From the prompt I got ramblings I can't contain Smile straight through the pain For me to obtain Happiness is as realistic as trying to gain
Sitting on the step and running my fingers through the curly hair of my grandmother’s poodle tentatively, of course - he bites sometimes if you move too fast.
Remind me again when moon pores run deep, boring needily for sweat that forgets what it is to course their way out, to toss them the boots that hug tight bare feet, to listen, and to hear from them the thump that bounces back--in time to meet my b
Out of Shape bikers passlungs are shriveled more like tarred 29 years of old12th step rechargeSunday morning meetingLincoln parkI needed to pull over the bikemake it look likeIntentionally
What will she think? What would he say? What will they do? How would you react? Do you mind? Are you alright? May I interrupt? Am I enough? Do you think I am enough?
In a Heartbeat Dermal contact like the strike of a match sending a river of ions down my bundle of His.   The bed creaks like
I have been the battered woman and the abusive husband, I have been the slave and the plantation owner, I have been the starved and the obese,
Plenty of meaningless people Empty caricatures Soulless mannequins Perfect on the outside But lifeless on the inside .   .   . Think like robots Act like machines
Breathe in Breathe out Close your eyes and just imagine… What is wrong?   Everything.   Nothing.   I don’t know what to write.
You Know there is no return, and in ways you don't want one. You have grown and it'd be an uncomfortable cramming of limbs bent at awkward angles, bits of you overflowing.
a strange world I half dreamed, will drag me wrestle me until I die. Then I will go telling myself I never slept so soundly.   
Dear Father, Dear Brother,     I cannot survive on the ice cream swirl swirling against white kitchen/bathroom. You I survive on the pure testosterone in the air when I pin you down and you
The brave never settle, can’t seem to rest. I know this, but I’m resting in a chair sipping the diluted “tea” I paid five dollars for
Fear isn't just a thought  Fear is a feeling Fear is a manipulating fraught  But with hard work comes healing  Don't put your dreams on hold  Because of this so called fear that you've been told 
I drag myself, With all my might Out of the muck, Wondering how I was ever stuck. And at that moment I am struck
RudeObnoxiousLoudAbrasiveOrneryDepressed I thought.      "Love her     Teach her     Care for her     Give her the skills  she needs     Pull her out of herself"
I once had and enemy whose name was Fear. In the concrete She nourished the tree of life, ignating an ardent flame that is bound to bent towards the forbidden apple. Time, I fear Time.
Dear Society, may I ask when? When did school become the school I know today? The one that takes away from who I plan to be someday.
Red, white, and blue What does that mean to you? To you red might symbolize love But to me red symbolizes the blood
I'm once again claimed, beauty has lifted the mist from my mirror  In it I find a resounding reflection,  I grasp us...take us in...take in us Curves, and contours, age and worry, protruding from our face, from end
As long as I have known you, you have taught. Taught of good, of bad, of anything. Of anything and nothing. Of nothing and everything. Through ramblings and concentrated thoughts, wisdom poured forth.
I am you You are me We all have issues We all have strengths. So why? Why am I judged? Why do you make assumptions Pass judgement Ignore who I am.
I’m just an empty husk without You:   Striving without ever thriving, Running hard but never arriving, Dragging my way through life, only surviving, Wishing I could run and hide.  
A butterfly. A caterpillar Seen as beautfiul. Seen as Ugly. Seen as helpful. Seen as Useless. One in the same. Worlds apart. Raised up to be great. Dies before living. A butterfly. A caterpillar.
What comes after death? What lies beyond the final breath? Is the body just a mere shell? Do we really go to heaven or hell? Or the murky fields of Asphodel? Or are we all under a spell?
Heartbreak, A shattering event for one person. The other person is left unscathed.   The shattered soul grows: Maturity, morals, and understanding.   The protected soul grows too:
Searching for a single grain of sand along beaches of shattered glass, My tongue trips over bright blue marbles, trying desperately to play jacks.
The thing about the earth is that It isn’t round Because god made it like that. It’s so the sound of my voice doesn’t   Touch yours.
she knows in her heart it cannot be done don't we all? and so she does it anyway... hiding behind a mask seeking to achieve
Pretty ladies with a handsome man Flock and squawk nonsensically Are silly and full of mindless fantasies The man is powerful He can do anything   Beautiful lady with a crowd of men
Pretty ladies with a handsome man Flock and squawk nonsensically Are silly and full of mindless fantasies The man is powerful He can do anything   Beautiful lady with a crowd of men
Butterflies as abundant as grandma's kisses Heartaches that sting of of scraped knees Stomach somersaults reminiscent of playful childhood days
These verses are for you and me For our eyes to see Light where there was darkness And love where there was fear   They left scars Deeper than any gun wound A bitter taste in my soul
The sunlight echoes across the room in waves. We said goodbye; they left down the callow way. Later, after fizzy breath and Valentine thoughts,
A gruesome and brutal beast is faced, Knees in the dirt and knuckles in the sand, When reality’s slitted eyes are bared to us, Raping, scraping, gaping into our soul,
The Outside The Inside   I smile So that they won’t see that I’m dying   I laugh I hope they won’t see through the chaff  
They yank on their skates, criss-cross the laces and tug on my hand with stubby fingers. The ice is thick and crusted with white chips Pondscum and cattails are hidden under the marbled crust
It is quite a tangled web we weave The dreams intertwined with reality The lies intermittent with honesty The irreverence mixed with piety The rational entwined with insanity
Everyday I walk past  Never saying a Word  Regretting it everytime  But continuing endlessly    Words escape me  Words won't come out  Words don't mean what they should  
Dearest Deer: so blue and bright, Through the blackness of the night, Pierce your dreaded, azure eyes, to me, from the middle of the road.  
Simplicity is complexity at its finest. Society often overcomplicates the simplest Thoughts, words, and dreams. “Nothing gold can stay” “To be, or not to be” Simple phrases with so much
Dear Happiness,   Why do you cease to exist and yet are eternally present at the same time?   What is the reason that you are far away
Dead. Only to be born again. Seeing the light at the end of the tunnel is equivilant to seeing the  Hospital lights hit your big, bright eyes. 
Dear winter whose frost freezes time, Possess the limbs of mine, Play a piece silent to Apollo’s eye, In the wake of his sigh,  
Dear Nick,                                                                                          (‘cause that’s what I always liked to imagine your name would be)  
There are many things that happened,some other things just seem to go on.Even though at times I have, I really haven’t.To see what is before, it’s gone.
Tread lightly ? Sorry, I don’t think I know that phrase But I can corrupt a situation silently Carbon monoxide type of style, if I may.  
Dear Mr. White, Do you remember the fear on the faces lit up by the tiki torches you carried, and the way that kid's mom begged you to Please not shoot her little girl's daddy, but you did because he was black?
Different but similar, in distinct scenes Interpretations of that which is “eternal” Some of the bounded in settings infernal, Variations seen      In the beginning, man created ideas
Dear sister, shall I be gone, then, in your eyes? Living once will never be enough. the world is wide and bright bold colors and shapes
Dear Grandma,   It’s been roughly a year and a half since you left, Mom was never the same. Uncle still sits in your room from time to time and tries to drink away the pain.
Tell me what you want,And I promise I won't give it to you.   I know, it's harshI know, it's not what you thoughtI know, I love you  
Dear You,             Please be well young heart             I know we are alone now, and angry             I’m sorry I wasn’t better for longer             Please unfairly tell me I matter
Dear Lailia,  I don't really understand you,  and it isn't because of your language, culture or because you enthrall my everything when you look at me. You're so put together for someone from somewhere far away. 
Sitting alone in thoughts watching blood fall from the leaves at my feet, I see the seeds of strange fruit, calloused feet, kissed by God's sun, no shoes, humming my black man blues of Negro spirituals echoing from my DNA looking upon the slave fi
Dear Past Me, It gets better. But it also gets worse. That’s the nature of this life. I won’t tell you that all your dreams will come true. I won’t tell you that all your paths are gilded.
Love washes over you like first summer rain. Love isn’t weighed down by the worry of being late four minutes. Love is safe.
I feel my lungs fill with air It's my own type of prayer Throughout my spiritual journey  I make my body a place to feel worthy
I look around and see that Everyone's out and proud. They're championing each other In this colorful festival that I never really understood But have always admired. I'm locked in a tiny closet
I felt alone, I felt betrayed I didn't leave because I was afraid When I asked for a good reason to stay, He said, "Because I love you." I watched and every day I tried To forgive him, but I still cried 
Because you loved me, I was smart. Because you loved me, I was funny. Because you loved me, I was outgoing. Because you loved me, I was selfless. Because you loved me, I was caring.
See not what is visible but what is invisible  For I am invisible but everyone can see me I walk past unseen  And still you know Im moving 
Was it because you loved her hair that you twisted it's tresses in your hand  and forced it behind the door?   When you breathed how much you care was that before she knelt to your commands
I love you because…   The love in your being Stirs that of my heart.   Your fiat to me Lets me know how to love.  
They say I'm the strong one because when we hold hands I cradle yours softly. I'm the strong one because I defend you, because I check your wounds and bandage thick cuts from work. They call me a flame, wild and free and fierce.
His ebony hair, tousled above a foreboding brow Morose with worry Extinguishing embers of a cigarette Like those of a love mismatched.  
                  I was                                                            You were             enamored by you. I let                                  enamored by me. You
a waltz through the house toes sliding along the kitchen floor giggles drift into the living room   harmony in a routine a smile, a sniffle, a silence comfort in merely existing  
Because I love you, you can't hang out with him Because I love you, you can't wear that I'm only hitting you to teach you a lesson Because I love you Because you need to be taught No. Not true love.
So silent, yet so alive.  Pitch black is the night, with flickers of stars illuminating the heavens.  Neighbor's dim their lights to slumber, yet their aura manifests their presence as a continuity. 
So silent, yet so alive.  Pitch black is the night, with flickers of stars illuminating the heavens.  Neighbor's dim their lights to slumber, yet their aura manifests their presence as a continuity. 
"Don't you love me?" He says as he pushes you down onto the bed, forcing you to undress, showing your vulnerable and naked being. This. This is the only thing you have ever known.
The larking of the crows, Dawn: The dark days  The tree's  splitting shadow, obscure,  silent   Whips of black, crack the dull morning daze   The breaking light crimson, almost violent   
To all the girls. With thick thighs and dreams soaring high, I love you.    To the girls. That are too raw, too pure, To be tarnished by societys choices, I love you    
The Trap   I am the only one Who loves you Who else could ever love you?  
After I tasted you for the first time everything tasted  The way the first bird of spring sounds SCREAMING demanding to be heard 
The crunch delicate, the smell tantalizing.The crack and pop of wood heavy in her ear.Heavy metal and oak logs,Heat.A recipe for disaster. She longed for a taste.Forbidden, but welcoming,Sweet, but painful.A taste satisfying, but fleeting. Gingerb
What is this darkness? But with this grief, I have you, So I embrace darkness.
Dark blood on white snow. Nothing personal, lassie, it's just huntsman's work.
1. I saw a tomorrow bright and beautiful; where the lion roared and kept quiet for the purrs of the cat to be heard, And the rich and the poor ate from the same plate,
I walk into the doctor’s office. She looks at me. I see her thinking, Okay, no worries Look at this girl Thin Tall Young No drinking
{There's a problem in our community} [I know. These police officers are getting out of hand.] {That's not what I meant. I mean there's a problem between parents and offspring.}
Lo, hark and take heed this grand nation that Towers as a behemoth above all That dare challenge its authority at Their foolish peril and witness this fall.
America feels distant like a dream you seeFor an African American as dark as meAfraid of the government thugs when I walk my streetsunfair and unjust just check the receiptsThe Constitution gives me rights so often violatedand ever so slowly my ra
Love and hate realtionship is what I call it  Living here is a challenge that I never want to quit  Glad to be here but sometimes I wish I could just fly away  Years of hurt and pain and they still want us pay.
Dear Daughter,   The strange man who you called father was only looking to bruise you at night  
Tiny speck too small to see is circling the sun at unimaginable speeds A single revolution just looks like the arm of a clock- one minute Every cell in every body constant regeneration  nothing is the same
Lights in the sky signal the new My spirit is lifted with hope, my fears are few Questions surround me like smoke Yet.  I can see Uncertainty covers me with its shadow
Let the night not only be the time of only obscurity of the day         but also the light that  is not find during the chaos of the daytime   
Oh, say can you see by the blood that rains down on our freedom But can you really see through the red tears on your face or are you lying to me Again, I am going to ask you if you can hear freedom, the bells ringing through your head Can you see
  The devil dragged me down. When love was as vague as can be, I fell for those who wronged me. When death was at the door, I lost those of who I adored. When the choice came between me or him,
Screaming and crying and wondering Why; 
One step forward Two steps back   Is this ever true   One move closer  Two backtracks   Creates new paths for you   One truth found Two lies learned  
Whats a brother? not not a man composed of the same flesh and blood But a man who'll stand right next to you and get the job done He'll be there for the ups and down He'll be there for you whether you smile of frown
If I was an elephant i would be as happy as I could be I would be so happy I would even climb a tree   Other elephants would stop and look at me Saying “look at that silly ol’ elephant up in a tree”  
lowly hanging my head walking slow and somber easier may be dead for seemingly no cure except music as it rings sweet harmonies of life and it sings away all my strife.  
grow, feel and unite   a distant voice calls me there the will to survive  
I invite you to imagine a girl. She is quiet, her house obscenely loud. She needs calm – her house is anything but. You’re looking for her? Check the library.   Because that’s where she is –
A breathless beauty forms in front of my eyes the cotton candy sky illuminating onto my skin the clash between red, orange, pink and purple mix together as one as if they were in love and never letting go
Getting to college, Finding my passion in life, My friends by my side    
Look outside. Find a reason why you feel this way. You seem happy. You seem serene. You seem strong. All I hear are lies. I'm confined.
There's no greater feeling than getting lost in a book. While I read, I am transported to another world. Reading is an escape from the stresses of my everyday life. It is
What do we fear the creepy crawlies under our bedor is it the wondrus voice inside our headkilling my thoughts until braindead 
For so messy a tongue in a body so young - for such stumbling, stupefied, neat bouts of mumbling; 
I walk alone beneath the stars Licking my wounds and hiding my scars No one can know of my pain That for eternity I must learn to be lonely. But the words sit like ducks on the tip of my tongue
Wěi, pronounced similarly to "way" The Chinese name given by my grandmother A name inherited by many famous Chinese celebrities Those who have received numerous accolades
Before the fireworks begin bombarding; terrorizing the life of a poor child… Or before it creeps and plagues the ozone’s esophagus… The smoke released from the overcast is pungent, enticing in smell…
I do not live to appease anyone. Why do you categorize me? Why is my appearance labeled, Am im not good enough for “Your” society? Why does the color of my skin designate what school district im welcomed in?
these two situations are not ideal in combination: being thirteen, and realizing that gay is a synonym for your name.  but that was my summer before eighth grade.
The words are etched in stone but I can rub them out The walls are built to last
The power of words; the potential of letters, A simple syllable can make things better. Soft, harsh, dull bright, Every polished thought shines a light, On things we hide, on things we expose;
Growing up a tomboyGrowing up a nerdy girlBB guns, video games and near the lakeI learned to read really lateonce the reading startedit never really stoppedmy interests were forever swapped
Poetry was the hidden frontier Veiled from those like me who had a spark but were terrified to light the flame Poetry was restricted to a few special Those who were brave to take a chance
My first start, with the art of poetry, was the furthest thing from stark, a small weakling, never inspired, always the same although i desired, to be a big name, from the depths i would rise, and overcome,
The smell of cookies fills the air, And viewers rush to find a chair. The curtain rises, stage is set Nothing moves onstage as of yet. So let me introduce to you
They give us their devotion and love, We respond with hate. They show us their loyalty, We cast them out on the street. They offer us constant companionship, We leave them alone to die.
I'm sitting hereStaring at walls and Scribbling at thoughts. This is when I imagine you, and Your unique, soft kiss that twists and turns My thoughts and causes my doodlesTo turn pink and red, Little spots taking over my mind, That conforms in you
I love in life But do so at the paradoxical philosophy people modernly reside within... Memento Mori: my handwriting curls boldly under the force of it's own Rigor Mortis. Memento Mori: my voice recalls ten times a day. This next sentence is craft
The Cardiac Muscle to the heart Longing for a sense of change to beat Contracting and contract You move me in this position of the game Where I find it fun to play And as the clouds fill with sorrow and each
Shadows, Acrosss the field, Across the meadow, Across the lawn and across the room, As the adults yawn and the children snore.   Lollipops, gumdrops, Nightmares and blessed dreams,
Painful yet joyous, Love can cause smiles and tears. It's what we live for.   Can't live without love? Love gifts you to feel alive; while risking heartbreaks.
she looks At him the Cringe The electricity the fire  warmth surrounding  she Looks away connection Lost  
Thy desolate land cannot contain, the phenomenon of which is so mundane; And yet from each eternal ray of light, thou continues to amaze with everything right.   A glimmer, a response, none without; the true light within.
Fires burn. Create. Destroy. But they can only exist with oxygen. Two molecules, highly reactive. You, my love, are part of that bond. I have learned to ignite my own soul,
What is life? What is this endless sea of emotion and complexity? This grief and this joy? This pain and this comfort?  This chaos and this peace? This injury and this healing?   
I admit I am doing this for the scholarship, But also do realize that I am doing this for me to. Stranded on an island, the only thing I need… And this is the part where you listen carefully…
It has always struck me as odd, the idea that “loving you” and “losing you” are only one letter apart. This small difference is proved
Which is greater? Gold or silver a flower or a field a bed or a blanket food or a meal?   Which is stronger? gold or a golden heart frankness or subtlety knowledge or wisdom
Wants and needs Aimless seeds Planted, but only One would grow. Only One would bloom. The distance, The isolation, The earthly man On the moon. Coded in the lights Like Moriss
When the time comes, I hope you crumble and fall when the light, hits the midpoint of that beautiful summer day    I hope your flesh rots off of those achy bones.
Pounding Hearts. Quickening breaths. Two souls meeting at a crossroads One pulls away, attempting to flee The other rushes towards, grasping the victim into his embrace Dreams of this love never soared through her mind.
Lord, help me learn contentedness,For I know You have brought me this.I do not ask for any bliss,But weed my life of selfishness.Remind me--all you do is best,And trade my fears for peace and rest.
November 1st, 2017
It's hard to answer the question "what's wrong" when noting seems to be right, I would rather sleep. My life tends to fall apart when I'm awake. Maybe I'm crazy, but laughing makes the pain go away, 
you down bottles like you're going to find something special  don’t act like you love her  because if you did you’d be kissing her and not cigarette butts you lied to everyone about being sick
Breathing People dont notice when they breathe  it's a natural mechanism you're not supposed to be conscious of it   But every breath I inhale, I hate Every breath, 
“Superhero” Alexis TyAnn   From the time that we are little we are serenaded with stories of superheroes, Sweeping in to save the day with their powers and their fancy capes
Youthful, white virgin bathed in life Mother and child that sleeps throughout the night Warmth within the winter Light upon the celestial clouds Winged stallion; Bruised and battered
I can see Mephistopheles upon the grim, grazing clouds above His eyes call out to me Why is he after me?   If we cut off an angel’s wings to secure God’s win,  Would it be an hellish act?
Does a fallen tree make sound? Not if there’s no one around to hear it.   I’ve been dropped repeatedly 
I am a Realist, But also an Idealist, Because when the world is at its worst, That is when I am at my best.   One son, Was done, By two parents Of two colors  
Confident, and unsure. Hesitant, and eager. Overflowing, and needy. Reluctant, and willing. Reaching up, and remaining grounded. Changing and staying the SAME. US.
I am, the most complex symphony at long last composed of by some of the most esteemed and baffled composers. I am the creativity that saunters and whimsically inhabits our surroundings
I fantasize about silence, in order to have less.  
I called out to him, pleading for him to return to me, but it was too late. He was gone.   Sinking into a sea of anguish, I, too, was set adrift. But my sea was riddled
A horse is a horse o corpse, o corpse. So why are you molding kids  into work machines? Or did you not realise that some schools are Mac and others are forced to be PC. Painfully characterized.
BY RUTH PADEL Water, moonlight, danger, dream.
Juxtaposition, uh, Jurassic Park: "O
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