The best

The Best 


I wish I was the best at something, anything !

I try hard but seem to fall short. 

I am the good girl, able to perform many tasks well

But I am never the best. 

I envy those who excel in one aspect of their life. 

To be able to be the best at on thing is all I want 

I don’t think I am asking for too  much. 

I am good in school

good  at singing 

good  at drawing and painting

good  at many things. But I wish to be more, to have one thing for me 

Is it selfish to not want to share ? 

I  wish to have a talent for me, people will see it and think of me 

I  wish to be the person you think of when you see a painting 

A great musical performance 

A great report card. 

I want just one for myself. 


I am not picky 

I feel as though I am the supporting character in the story of MY life. 

To be the centre of attention in just one of the many things I am simply “good” at.

I look at those around me excelling in their lives

But as I reflect I see the shell of the person I could be. 

Oh what to do!

It is easy to settle, but I am not one to give up. 

I  don’t think I am alone in this conversation.

To be The Best at one thing would  bring me  more  joy than being “good” at the one.

Self growth comes with self love

And I guess before I become the best I need to see myself as 

The Best. 


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