If I was an Elephant

If I was an elephant i would be as happy as I could be

I would be so happy I would even climb a tree


Other elephants would stop and look at me

Saying “look at that silly ol’ elephant up in a tree”


They would stare and laugh and look at me all day

And I would just smile and say “hey”


They wouldn’t understand me and they might even rub their noggin

Because you would too if you saw an elephant wearing a toboggan.


I must admit I’d be a weird sight

Not many people are used to an elephant at this height


some people  can judge and some people can laugh

But if I’m not being fully me than I’m just living my life to it’s half


 yes this poem silly and I will never be elephant

 but if this helps a kid do something they can’t, then I have done what I wanted to do with this lovely rant.

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