I Love Because I Love

I love you because…


The love in your being

Stirs that of my heart.


Your fiat to me

Lets me know how to love.


The mind in your body is one in good shape,

I don’t have to worry about you

There is no need for escape.


I’m so glad that I met you

Even your vices have virtues

Your blessedness always in view.


You were beautifully made

In the image of him who is eternal Beauty

Your soul’s light never to fade.


Because I love you…


When I talk to my friends

They hear about you

But us guys have a blast

Our friendships are tried and true.


I acknowledge your friends’ silliness

As all girls can be,

You guys eat and watch movies and dance

Your spirits quite free.


Your health is my goal

And your joy my desire

I will protect myself

So that I can protect you from ire.


My life will be preserved

Following the true, beautiful, and good

For if you are to be happy

I must attain my own sainthood.


I love you because…

Because I love you.


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