One Thing I Can’t Live Without

I admit I am doing this for the scholarship,

But also do realize that I am doing this for me to.

Stranded on an island, the only thing I need…

And this is the part where you listen carefully…

Is my IMAGINATION. I know, pretty obvious right.

I would need it to remain optimistic,

To keep a love for life.

I don’t want any family on the island,

They would just remind me of how bleak my fate is.

My dog would be a good companion,

But that is considering that there is no better place for her,

So I am sticking with imagination;

And here is where I speak my mind as to why.


I am not the most socially-dependent person;

If I go insane, I rule it as impending and a blessing.

Most of problems originate from other people anyhow,

To that point being on an island without them is an unrealized blessing.

Imagination is the only true companion I have had since childhood,

Yeah I wasn’t the best at making real friends,

But I had a load of acquaintances though,

Record setting in fact.

When no one else was around my true friends would come out;

The ones in my head, crawling from the folds of my brain,

Bringing smiles to my face as we shared existence.


In my mind I could invent worlds without stress,

Places where there were no worries as to who was alive and who wasn’t,

No concern as to whether anyone had any snide remarks,

Exactly what systems were at work to direct daily life,

Or how often I seemed to be lazy or distracted.

I had peace looking within and controlling what was within,

Not by looking out for the external doom.

I admit, I have liking not to be involved outside when it doesn’t suit me;

It helps to glance out the window, then return to the drawing window.

I can think of my necessities and satisfy them then;

I look out doubt, turn it into a beast, then slay it on the spot,

There are a lot of things I can do just thinking in my head.

Why wouldn’t I just want imagination?

As far as I am concerned, Life begins within.

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