A First Taste

Slam! - Confidently spoken, carefully rehearsed.Each word, intrinsically imposing its own importance.I felt the impact, tasting every word as she hadWhen she spoke her poem aloud for the first time.     "A sliver of riverbend ear" - the line she struggled to rememberBut that I'll now never forger, along with the swell in my chestFrom the contagious poetic Passion. The crowdEncouraged her after she fumbled.      Like a bouquet - Words must be carefully selected and arrangedIn order to be breathtaking. The leaves of paper and petals of periods;Ideas that stem from somewhere deep within. It isArt on the surface and art hidden in arranged foliage.     Dualism - Poetry is visual and auditoryKeeping you in the moment while retaining timelessness.We could sense her vulnerability and power, standing behind the mike,Onstage reciting for us all.      Addictive - After the first poetry slam, I wanted more.So I went back the next yar, but the following I could not.In turn, I turned to a page in my journal, picked up a pen,Wrote the first of my own poems - and slammed it shut.

This poem is about: 
My community
Our world
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