Is This Really Love?

Sun, 11/05/2017 - 23:13 -- Niloo15

I felt alone, I felt betrayed

I didn't leave because I was afraid

When I asked for a good reason to stay,

He said, "Because I love you."

I watched and every day I tried

To forgive him, but I still cried 

Knowing what he'd done and how he'd lied

And yet still he'd say, "I love you."

Some time passed by, and I was still broken

We didn't talk, so it remained unspoken.

The wound in my heart remained too open

Because of the words "I love you."

When I finally healed, I made my choice. 

I wanted someone who would make me rejoice.

And he would be happy to hear my voice

And sincerely say, "I love you."

I found a guy and I felt a spark

Trust and honestly and my light in the dark

He surprised me with romantic walks in the park

And I wanted to tell him, "I love you."

Not once did he leave he leave me alone

I didn't check his texts or go through his phone

Our trust and closeness had completely grown

From the second he said, "I love you."

One night, I suddenly began to cry.

He hugged me and my tears he dried.

He was always there for me and I asked him why.

And he said "Because I love you."

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