To all the girls.

With thick thighs and dreams soaring high,

I love you.


 To the girls.

That are too raw, too pure,

To be tarnished by societys choices,

I love you


 For the girls

That cover up for respect,

And the ones that don’t for the same reason

I love you.


 Shout out to the girls

That love themselves

And im here for the ones that don’t

Just know, I love you


   Holla at the ladies

That have late night intimacy and early morning regrets

I love you


  But please don’t let my love,

 replace the love you deserve

Because the words I love you have no meaning

Until you learn to love yourself


  So because I love you

Im writing this down


Stand up and make your own self proud


  Because no amount of love

For me, him, or her

Will ever equal to the power

 of love you can hold

This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world
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