America To Me

Love and hate realtionship is what I call it 

Living here is a challenge that I never want to quit 

Glad to be here but sometimes I wish I could just fly away 

Years of hurt and pain and they still want us pay.

Treat each other equal is what they think, but how and we couldn't even get a drink

Leaders before us wanting the world to be better

A King speaking to us writing us a letter 

Because of them we never left but did we really want to stay

Repeating history again in our current years 

Flashing red and blue lights, and mothers with tears. 

Grateful to not be dicated with our every move 

Still working hard everyday, because I have something to prove

Hate to walk round scared of the legal 

Love the atmosphere and epecially my own people 

This relationship here, will remain constant 

Until all those people come consious 


This poem is about: 
Our world
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