A Proposition of Happy Times

Dear Happiness,


Why do you cease to exist

and yet are eternally present at the same time?


What is the reason that you are far away

right when I need you most?


Sometimes I wonder if the world is a farce

and if you are just a means to an end,
or if everything you are is genuine.


With you, I can face death

but without you, death faces me.


If this life refuses to accept me

then will you stay by my side

or leave?


You are a



and a gravity defier,

yet you still find a way to make everything right.


In a world where you can either choose to hate or love,

somehow, you manage to choose both.


No matter what happens in the passing times, you are both

a heart mender

and a heartbreaker.


Do you willfully swear that

for better or for worse,

for richer, or for poorer,

in sickness and in health,

until the day my parting from this world comes

that you will forever remain within my reach?



An Emotional Soul


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