In a Heartbeat

In a Heartbeat

Dermal contact like

the strike of a match

sending a river of ions

down my bundle of His.


The bed creaks like

The words “I love you”

Forcing through the gap

Between vocal cords.


Both vena cava pour

the contents of my

loneliness directly into

my right atrium like a

sewage drain filled with tears.


Once perpendicular

With your indian style posture,

Your vertebrae angles towards me

As you lean forward.


The parting of lips

Grants access to your mouth

Like a tricuspid valve allowing

Disdain and hopelessness to

Enter the second chamber.


Your saliva fuels an exchange

Like the trade of neurotransmitters

Over a synapse.


My right ventricle implodes.


Wasted time and oxytocin

Rush through my pulmonary artery

And into my lungs.

Where the air from

Your exhale breaths

New life into mine.


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