The Power of Words

Fri, 07/08/2016 - 20:03 -- Virinca

The power of words; the potential of letters,

A simple syllable can make things better.

Soft, harsh, dull bright,

Every polished thought shines a light,

On things we hide, on things we expose;

Words will always make the truth known.

Great writers, speakers, artists,

Cannot deny how spirituous this art is. 

Gripping the pen, encompassed by emotion,

I write away all my opinions.

Sorrow for the ones who lost it all,

Joy for the ones who overcame their downfall, 

Anger for a crime and an injustice served,

Patience for a system that might never work.

When thoughts like these can be expressed,

When poetry thwarts them from being suppressed.

A love for poetry cannot be denied,

But only understood and magnified.

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Our world
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