Two Halves

                  I was                                                            You were

            enamored by you. I let                                  enamored by me. You

       you see the darkest parts of me.                 allowed me to wipe your tears

   I gave the entirety I had to give to you       You gave me all that you could give

 Because I thought I knew and loved you.  Because you thought I was worth loving.


Oh my dear, the betrayal, the shame, and pain proved  the illusion of love is viscous

And poisonous, and I- always knew I was unworthy of the luxury of love, true love.

 The wounds of a scared soul of a scared heart remained just as they had before it,

   Licked this time with salt and scourged by the fiery passions of love and misery.

      And yet, while still unworthy of forgiveness, unworthy of compassion and a

        Love it was shown, there still remains love, there still remains forgiveness.


          Why the heart is such a frail thing, incapable of doing what is proper,

             Is far more than rudimentary perplexities; it becomes downright

              Unhealthy. But yet, still, the heart fights what the mind knows

                      All because of love. Now that twisted and tainted love

                            Seeps into the present, and just as viscous as

                                    Before, darkens the light of the new.

                                       A better half to the same story.


                                                Stay because with me

                                                    Even if the pain

                                                      Doesn’t fade


                                                           I love



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