Dear Society, may I ask when?

When did school become the school I know today?

The one that takes away from who I plan to be someday.

A place that told me how I’m supposed to act, but had no impact on ideas I think are wack.


When did school become so stressful that I’d rather die than go and try.

When did homework become so much that my friends just happen to be out of touch.

The last time I spoke to my dad

Was when I asked him about a math problem that was going real bad.

I can’t remember a time not filled with stress, or when I got sleep that was not six hours or less.


So why?

Why in hell?

It’s like I’m locked up in a purely wicked prison cell.

Please just let me be. Let me be who I wanna be.

Don’t control me or pull me or even try to console me.


This is a joke right?

I mean I’ve got to be confused.

Please remind me of the last time that I got to hit snooze.

I’ve been stuck in this cycle of unending pain

With people who don’t know me: “Hey kid, wait, what’s your name?”


This place is supposed to teach me how to grow, but you know

“Oh No!” a kid with ideas, well that’s gotta go.

“The mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell”

To bad I don’t know how to do my taxes as well.

I’ve been getting A’s for days cause that’s the only way to get praise.

But what about that kid that didn’t get an A,

I bet you he’ll become a doctor someday.


I’m someone that doesn’t fit into a mold.

Just like these other kids, we can’t be choked by your hold.

You put us all into rows, nice and neat, yet incomplete.

I need to think innovatively and creatively,

But instead here I am dealing with this pressure so terribly.


It’s time for some change.

Oh, I know, sort of strange.

Let’s go from tasteless and shapeless

To something that’s filled with greatness.

Let’s make a place far from smug

For someone who just needs a hug.

Come on, let’s start this change

We’ve got a lot to arrange.

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