From here and on; on-and-on

Dear You,

            Please be well young heart

            I know we are alone now, and angry

            I’m sorry I wasn’t better for longer

            Please unfairly tell me I matter

            I can’t be asked questions on my future

            For time comes with another moment that I am alone

And our cyclone of deep red was honest/true And even if it fell pink I need to know I mattered to you



I haven’t told you many thoughts so in my mind I repeat a scenario in which you speak to me not angry or dry but with longing affection like I mattered

Mattered profoundly

I say to you I gave you so much of me and I didn’t know my capacity for love

(it is grand)

And it was beautiful to mean more to me than I

Or at least the same

Or at least at all

Or at most profoundly

You mean more and always will

Thank you for the time spent you’re and honest heart,

Please be well.


Dear You (one-week later),

I'm sorry you caught me in this state of heart

I find these days my mind is at its mercy

My love has come and stayed

And foul be the man who sat in this froth of fleshy flower and deep red,

(With fleeting feeling felt much more)

I wish I was not foul

But she is gone now and after


And found it fit to find solitude in friends I grew to be fond of


Arrow in the heart

And all is well

If I didn't care before it can only be worse now

I knew what was absolutely true and that truth was honey in your blood

But she is only as sweet as the moment is long

And is only sweet if there is sugar in poison

Welcome to my state of heart

Here there are moments of truth

That are proven to be nothing more than glittery blinks

I thought I could know better

Today's truth: poison is sweet

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