I Promise

Tell me what you want,
And I promise I won't give it to you.


I know, it's harsh
I know, it's not what you thought
I know, I love you


What you want from me,
They are things I cannot give.
I will not sacrifice my sanity,
My composure, integrity.
I will not grant you my smile,
Nor my tears, or my heart.
I will not give you my kindness,
My sincerity, or honesty.
I will not erase myself in your name.


Tell me what you want,
And trust me, I won't give it to you


You are beautiful,
Weightless, free.
Kind, graceful.
You are but a beautiful blip in the system,
Surrounded by too-square, too-rigid blocks
You are lovely,
Within your values,
With your flaws.
You, are beautiful.


Tell me what you want,
And I swear, I won't give it to you


I am bound to you,
By something as beautiful,
As pre-meditated and calculated as choice
Not something as accidental,
As careless and frightening, as blood


And us? We, are beautiful.


But if you were to tell me what you want,
I won't be able to give it to you.


I can't bind myself to you the way you want me to
I am much too free, too reckless, to wistful to be tied
I am frighteningly willful, intrinsic, and magickal
Far too much to give myself to you
At the very least, the way you'd like.


The love I give, won't be the one you want
The kindness I offer, won't be enough
The choice I made, might not be drastic enough


Tell me what you want, 
And I won't give it to you.


Not because I do not want to,
Gods know I'd bring Jupiter and Saturn for you
Gods know what I'd do for you
Gods know I'd die for you
Gods know I love you.


But because, you and I?
We aren't meant to be,
Not that way.


So no, don't tell me what you want.
And I promise I'll stay.
I promise, I'll give it to you.

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